Election Shocker: Islanders Choose Newcomer For City Council

The officially certified final election results for Mercer Island City Council Position 1.

It took more than a month for King County to certify the results of the City Council Position 1 election, but it’s finally official: By a margin of only forty votes, Mercer Island citizens have selected Ari Viste, an individual who has lived here for less than a decade, over Island native M.I. Furst.

The winning candidate credited a bold vision for his success. “Our historic campaign was built on a barrier-breaking idea,” said Viste. “That a person can effectively represent the interests of Mercer Islanders even if he lacks a diploma from North Mercer Junior High.”

As of press time, Furst could not be reached for comment, but a campaign spokesperson did confirm that Furst has completed the first four chapters of his concession speech.

Viste’s supporters indicated that they were drawn to his campaign by its inclusive message. “I’ve only lived on Mercer Island since 2005,” said local voter O.K. Buhmer, “So until I met [Viste], I wasn’t even aware I was entitled to express an opinion on city governance.”

Islanders who supported Furst expressed trepidation about the aftermath of the election. Said concerned citizen C. Ken Little: “How can we expect someone to lead Mercer Island into the future if he never experienced what this community was like when we had a bowling alley and a Denny’s?”

Some members of the Furst camp, however, tried to look on the bright side. “[Furst] will be a much more effective advocate for our positions now that he doesn’t have to start concerning himself with being held accountable for the consequences,” said one forty-year Island resident. “And even if he’s not a member of the Mercer Island City Council, he’ll always be the mayor of Mercer Island Nextdoor.”

[Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to a local voter by the name “O.J. Buhmer.” The Distorter regrets this error.]