Islanders Angered By New iPhone Usage Tax

Washington's new tax on iPhone usage while driving is expected to disproportionately affect Mercer Island drivers.

Islanders are up in arms over a new, statewide iPhone usage tax that takes effect on Sunday, July 23. The $234 tax, which is assessed by law enforcement officials each time an iPhone is used while driving, is expected to disproportionately affect Mercer Island drivers.

“The Washington State government is charging me to multitask,” complained local concerned citizen E. Dewey. “How is that even legal?”

Long-time Mercer Island residents note that this is the latest in a long line of surcharges that appear to target Islanders, such as the ST3 Tesla tax, the $136 charge whenever someone drives alone in an HOV lane, and the $500 corkage fee that the YMCA assesses when the Mercer Island Y Adventure Guides visit Camp Orkila.

“This new tax shows blatant disregard for public safety,” added Islander Dee St. Racted, “I’m pretty sure my Range Rover stops dead in its tracks if I let go of my iPhone.”

The few Island residents who support the new law are sanguine about its impact on the local community. Said one: “Paying these discretionary fees is part of the privilege of being a Mercer Islander.”