Island Students Launch “Boxster” Delivery Service

A Boxster delivery vehicle at work on Mercer Island.

Looking for moving boxes or have moving boxes to spare? A new startup has just the service for you.

A team of Mercer Island High School DECA students has launched “Boxster”, a moving box exchange service that picks up and delivers throughout the greater Mercer Island area.

“Our research shows that more than sixty percent of local social media posts are requests to acquire or dispose of moving boxes,” said Island resident and angel investor L. Ron Husk, who led Boxster’s seed round. “We see the opportunity to reclaim scarce online resources while satisfying this unmet need. And to have some fun while doing it.”

Boxster offers same-day, door-to-door service, with all deliveries via high-end sports cars to ensure prompt arrival. “My dad will never know I hitched a trailer to the Ferrari as long as I’m home by five,” said Boxster CEO and co-founder Harris Buehler.

“The key to Boxster’s success is our efficient, demand-based cost structure,” said Husk. “We can undercut’s prices because our employees are willing to work for no salary simply to gain the experience.”

To sign up for the Boxster service, download their free iPhone app from the iTunes store. An Android version of the app will be released later this year, and plans for a Windows Phone app are “under consideration,” according to the company.