Islanders Threaten to Sue City Over Effort To Make Them Meet, Interact With Neighbors

(Image credit: City of Mercer Island)

Mercer Island residents are considering a legal challenge over a city-sponsored effort to enlist local police and firefighters to force Islanders out of their homes for three hours next Tuesday evening.

Communication from the city stating that Islanders should “lock their doors, turn on outside lights, and spend the evening outside with neighbors, police and fire, City officials and City staff” between the hours of 5 and 8 PM on Tuesday, August 2nd, generated reactions of shock and anger from an assortment of Islanders.

The legal effort is being led by long-time Island resident and attorney L. Eva Malone, who commented, “My expert opinion is that city officials are way out of line, forcing me to leave my house and go outside. This clearly violates the Third and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.”

Said another Island resident, tech executive Andy Soshul: “Talk to my neighbors? For three hours?! I moved to Mercer Island specifically so I wouldn’t haven’t to meet my neighbors.”

Added local concerned citizen Ronald Grump: “This is just another example of the incompetence and imperiousness of our city council. Their blatantly pro-neighbor policies show how out of touch they are with what Islanders want and need.”

While precious few days remain to seek legal recourse, angry Islanders are hopeful that natural forces will disrupt the city’s plans. Said Malone: “This is the Pacific Northwest. We can still pray that the whole thing gets rained out.”