Local Activists Commandeer Town Center For Golf Facility

Artist's rendering of the Mercer Island Golf Occupation District. (Image credit: mercerislandgolf.com)

Inspired by recent activism in Seattle, a group of Island crusaders has announced the formation of the Mercer Island Golf Occupation District (MIGOD), a zone in the Town Center intended to address one of Mercer Island’s long-standing systemic inequities: Lack of a golfing facility on the island.

“For too long, Islanders have been denied fair access to an essential activity that our neighbors to the east and west take for granted,” said MIGOD spokesperson Ebenezer “Scrooge” McDuffer. “In these challenging times, we must fight for the rights of the underprivileged, and it’s difficult to conceive of a group less privileged than Mercer Island golfers.”

While these golf justice warriors may finally be successful in redressing the lack of local links after decades of being repeatedly thwarted by the Island’s Big Park establishment, they face entrenched opposition.

“We shall not flag or fail. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be,” proclaimed a counter-protestor at a recent MIGOD rally. “We shall fight in the parks, we shall fight in the playfields and in the Starbucks, we shall fight at the Park & Ride. We shall never surrender.”

The exact opening date of MIGOD has not been disclosed, but organizers anticipate that the district will grow to encompass the plentiful and underutilized parkland near the Town Center.

McDuffer noted that MIGOD’s simulated playing environment is akin to Islanders’ participation in other widespread social justice movements: “Nothing complements our virtual protesting like virtual golf.”