Mercer Island City Council Votes to Raise Minimum Wage to $150 Per Hour

Mercer Islanders rally in support of a $150/hour minimum wage

The Mercer Island City Council voted 5-2 this week to raise city’s minimum wage to $150 per hour for all employees and residents of Mercer Island, effective January 1, 2016.

“We see how the Seattle economy has thrived since instituting a $15 minimum wage, and we want to emulate their success,” said Mayor Bart Bastion. “Naturally, we chose a wage level necessary to maintain a bare bones Mercer Island lifestyle.”

“I applaud the city council for taking proactive steps to address income inequality on Mercer Island,” testified citizen activist Kshelen A. Handbasket. “Every day I see examples here of the damage such abject privation causes. Children who go to sleep every night without a view of Lake Washington. Teenagers who have to get through the day without an iPhone 6. Families that… that have to fly coach.”

Not all Mercer Island residents received the news so favorably. “This is yet another irresponsible attempt by our imperial city council to dictate to the citizens of Mercer Island what is best for our community,” said local gadfly Ian Peachpit. “Next thing you know, they’ll make it illegal for us to breed mountain lions on our private property.”

There was minimal discussion in the city council meeting prior to the vote, but one dissenter, council member Mark Uno, chastised the new law’s supporters: “$150 an hour. Are you kidding me?! That’s not enough to buy even one Tesla.”