Our Mission

The Snugbottom Family, circa 1900

The automobile had not yet been invented when my husband’s great-great-grandfather, Thadddeus Snugbottom, first paddled his canoe to escape the revenuers and stake his claim on this humble rock we now call Mercer Island. For five generations, the Snugbottom Family has been committed to the proposition that unites all islanders: Maintaining our superiority over Seattle and the other surrounding communities.

In these complicated and divisive times, we need a clear voice that speaks to and for the denizens of Mercer Island. A voice that can bravely state not just how things are, but how things ought to be. Big Corporate Media across Lake Washington may claim to present news of interest to the Mercer Island community, but they are beholden to a journalistic, fact-based agenda that threatens the values and character that make Mercer Island special. Our motto — You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! — is our pledge to you that everything you read here will present Mercer Island and its residents in the clearest possible light.

My husband Tad V and I are committed to preserving Mercer Island as a place where our children — Double-Trey, MacSchuyler, and Concertina — are able to thrive and some day, Gold willing, raise their own families. We hope you’ll join us.

Letitia Snugbottom
The Mercer Island Distorter
publisher (at) thedistorter.com